Is a Constituent Assembly the Solution for Venezuela’s Crisis?

Venezuela is facing a deep economic and political crisisUpheavals and violent confrontations between government supporters and demonstrators are happening on a daily basis. Furthermore, marauders have entered the scenario.

The government announced the convocation of a Constituent Assembly to resolve this crisis referring to the Articles 347 to 349 of the 1999’s constitution. However, opponents consider this step to be “anti-democratic” and “anti-constitutional”.

Notwithstanding the (anti-)constitutional character of the Constituent Assembly, one aspect is of special concern: One of the government’s objectives is to to constitutionalize the communes and the Communal Power. Since the communes are conceptualized as a participatory socialist authority at the local level to implement the directives of the Socialist Developmental Plan written by the Executive this step can be interpreted as a mean to strengthen the government’s grip on power and as an assault on representative democracy.

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