An All-round Talent of Central Asia

In March 2017, the President of Turkmenistan has initiated a competition in order to choose an anthem for the V Asian Games, which will be hosted by Turkmenistan in September 2017. The anthems were presented on April 7, 2017 inter alia by the President Berdymuhamedov, who has also sung his song and which has won the competition. The results of this competition reveal that to govern the country is not the only talent of the President of Turkmenistan: the professional dentist is also known to be an excellent rider, a talented song-writer and an author of more than 30 books of different topics (e.g. medicinal herbs, socio-economic development of Turkmenistan, horses, and other more). One of his books with the title “Paýhas çeşmesi” (“Source of Wisdom”) is now an obligatory book within the school program in Turkmenistan. It should be noted that the books of the current president replaced the books of the ex-president Niyazov and are translated in other languages, e.g Kazakh, Russian, German, English.

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