Retaining Power By All Means?

While the Left Turn in Latin America is successively ending, some governments of the more radical fraction of progressive governments are retaining power.
For instance, in Nicaragua president Ortega has successfully rebuild the political system of his country in such a way that some analysts ask whether the Ortega regime can be considered a new family dictatorship. In Bolivia, president Morales is not willing to accept the decision taken in the referendum of 2016 which prohibits him to run again as presidential candidate in 2019. In recent presidential elections in Ecuador, the leftist candidate Moreno came out as winner but defeated oppositional candidate Lasso has announced that he will not accept the results due to electoral fraud. In Venezuela, president Maduro continues converting the country’s political system into an autocracy. Although the following step was later reversed, the loyal and not independent judiciary had tried to deprive the parliament of its powers.

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