The Intensification of Venezuela’s Constitutional Crisis

After the National Electoral Council (Consejo Nacional Electoral) ruled out the presidential recall referendum in December 2016 the Venezuelan crisis intensifies. After many unsuccessful protests in late 2016, oppositional leader Capriles Radonski announced a march next Monday to force the autocratic government of president Maduro to accept presidential elections.

Venezuelans face shortages of everyday products due to economic woes. As the oil price on international raw material markets remains low fiscal revenues of oil-dependent Venezuela are not sufficient to import urgently needed goods like food and medicine.

Since December 2015 Venezuela is facing a constitutional deadlock: the executive and judiciary branch is controlled by the Chavistas whereas the parliament is dominated by the oppositional alliance MUD (Mesa de Unidad Democrática). Since Venezuela is deeply polarized into supporters and opponents of the Bolivarian Revolution and the envisioned Socialism of the 21st Century successful negotiations between the two camps and possible solutions to end the economic crisis are not to be expected anytime soon.

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