Clash of Powers in Venezuela

The expected constitutional or institutional deadlock has already begun to manifest itself. The Supreme Court of Venezuela, presumably dominated by supporters of the Maduro-Government, declared that all of the new National Assembly’s actions “will be absolutely null” as long as three members of the parliament are incorporated. The Supreme Court had suspended the three Congressmen on the 30th of December as a result of a request of the Chavista-fraction in the legislature that assumed an electoral fraud in the federal state of Amazonas.

However, the vice president of the legislative branch has announced its disobedience to the Court’s decision since it would run against the will of the people and the Constitution. Hence, a clash of the constitutional powers, i.e. the executive (the Maduro-Government) and the judicial power (the Supreme Court) one the one hand and the opposition-held legislative branch of the other hand, is likely to be observed in the near Venezuelan political future.

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